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The demands of life can often lead us to a place where we find ourselves feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by things going on that we don’t fully understand. 

It may be that you are parenting or caring for someone with complex needs, and you feel you’ve lost yourself in the process.

You may be frustrated that you are not the parent/carer you want to be.

You may be a Front-Line worker, an Aged Care worker, a Nurse, Support Worker, Foster Carer, Teacher, or Minister (or a combination of the above) and be working in an environment where you care for others, putting others needs before your own. These work environments are often made up of people from diverse backgrounds and can encompass complex teams too. This can lead to frustration and create tensions and confusion. Often, when we are in these roles, we neglect our own internal world until the cracks start to show.  But it is not too late.

You may desire clarity in how to understand and manage your own emotions and frustrations.

When we can understand our own story, our journey, and are able to sit with it and acknowledge it for what it is. Then we can choose to make changes, to ease conflict, break cycles and to reach our full potential. You may be seeking someone who can walk with you as you acknowledge the present and look towards the future.

At Wisdom2BU Coaching, Fiona creates an environment where it is safe to reflect, to dream and to be wholly present. When these things are in place we can unpack what is happening for us personally, gain clarity and take steps for positive change now and into the future.

Fiona Landlord - Wisdom2BU Coach | Courage Wisdom Change

Meet Your Coach 

Fiona is an experienced Coach, Mentor and Counsellor.

With over 20 years’ experience as a Special Education Teacher and later as an  Assistant Principal of Support she has a broad range of experience, with families, colleagues, children/youth and multidisciplinary teams, that has enabled her to hone her skills to work with a diverse client base.


Fiona is passionate that every person is equipped with the skills to find not only their true self but their unique voice as well. 

Wisdom2BU Packages

Extended DISC (EDisc)

EDisc assessments and profile reports can identify both a person’s ‘natural’ AND ‘learned’ behavioural style - something many profiling tools fail to do. EDisc helps us to understand our strengths and areas for further development. We all have energies we are comfortable with and those that require more effort. EDisc allows us to identify how we use our energies so that we can work with our strengths and draw on energies in a sustainable way.


Parents, Carers & Care Providers

Caring can be a complex task. Working with Fiona will allow you to unpack the complexities and develop strategies that help you understand and manage your own emotions and frustrations. 

By raising your awareness of the dynamics of a caring role and its personal impact it allows you to gain clarity, understand your own story and journey.  This in turn allows you to choose to make changes, to ease conflict (internal and external), break unhelpful cycles and be the person you desire to be.

What Others Are Sharing

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My 17 year old daughter had a recent diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder - just before she was about to go overseas on a special program for a month. Fiona was fantastic - she helped us not only think about the unexpected diagnosis, but also helped plan strategies for my daughter to use while she was travelling. These practical ideas for how to reduce anxiety, self-monitor, avoid overstimulation and stay safe meant my daughter was able to manage herself well and enjoy her time away. I wouldn't have been able to come up with these solutions without Fiona's help.

Fiona listened carefully to our needs and was very understanding. She was very supportive as in the past we have been to so many doctors, therapists and other consultants who did not often give us the attention we needed. She was very professional and warm at the same time.


Mother of 3

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Fiona is a brilliant life coach who helps clients clarify what goals they want to achieve, identifies obstacles holding them back and helps client come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. Fiona cares about her clients and will support you on your journey. I would recommend Fiona to anyone wanting to gain greater fulfilment in their lives.


Life Coach

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Fiona had provided my daughter with mentoring and coaching services. My daughter has an intellectual disability and ASD. We were extremely pleased with the outcomes of the sessions and believe she learnt valuable skills that have further enhanced her independence. I would have no hesitation recommending Fiona’s services. She has a strong understanding of how to communicate with young people with disabilities and presents information to them in an easily understood format.


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We've recently needed support, counselling & therapy for a child in our care who has serious challenges with multiple mental health diagnoses, trauma and disabilities. disabilities. In a short period of time with Fiona we have seen some breakthrough already. Our child has started to express & understand his thoughts & feelings which is something they haven't been capable of up until now. I find Fiona extremely in tune with not only our child, but us, the carers as well. Don't hesitate to reach out to her for support, understanding & professionalism.

Long Term Foster Carer

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