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Mother and Child

Early Childhood Intervention

Fiona is a specialist in support for children who are neurodivergent, and/or have a developmental or learning delay, a disability, a behaviour difficulty or a communication difficulty that significantly affects their ability to participate and learn at home, in an early childhood education setting or at school.

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Early Intervention &
NDIS Early Childhood Approach

Early Intervention provides young children who are neurodivergent or have a disability or developmental delay with the supports they need, as early as possible. Early intervention specialists work with children and their families to provide strategies to practice with their child in everyday activities and routines, at home and in the community.

Every child and family will need different types of supports and services. Fiona will work with families to ensure sessions provide the right level of support, based on the needs of the individual child and their family.

Under the NDIS these supports are referred to as Early Childhood Approach (EC), Fiona is a registered NDIS EC Provider.

Fiona Landford

BEd (Hons) (JPP) / GradCertEd (Spec Ed) / Master of Child and Adolescent Welfare
DipCouns/Grad Diploma Relationship Counselling/Masters of Inclusive Education/

GradCert Developmental Trauma 


  • Autism / Asperger's

  • Neurodivergence

  • Confidence & self esteem

  • Learning disabilities

Therapeutic style

  • Child-Centred

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