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youth, children & adults with skills for positive change

Taking Care of the Kids

About Fiona

Fiona has worked with children, youth and adults with additional needs, from a wide range of backgrounds for over 25 years. Whilst working as a Special Education teacher she became aware of the crucial role early intervention plays in addressing issues, such as anxiety and behavioural challenges. Fiona strongly believes that by bringing knowledge, experience and a belief that all people can succeed together, they can then be empowered to make positive and lasting change.

Fiona Landford Counsellor | NDIS Provider



Registered NDIS Provider

Fiona has extensive experience working with children, adults and families affected by disabilities and ASD.


Early Childhood Intervention

Registered NDIS Provider

Fiona is a specialist in support for children who have a developmental or learning delay, a disability, a behaviour difficulty or a communication difficulty.


Circle of Security Parenting

Registered COSP Facilitator


Wisdom2BU Coaching

Strengths-based Coaching

Registered EDISC Facilitator


My 17 year old daughter had a recent diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder - just before she was about to go overseas on a special program for a month. Fiona was fantastic - she helped us not only think about the unexpected diagnosis, but also helped plan strategies for my daughter to use while she was travelling. These practical ideas for how to reduce anxiety, self-monitor, avoid overstimulation and stay safe meant my daughter was able to manage herself well and enjoy her time away. I wouldn't have been able to come up with these solutions without Fiona's help. ​
Fiona listened carefully to our needs and was very understanding. She was very supportive as in the past we have been to so many doctors, therapists and other consultants who did not often give us the attention we needed. She was very professional and warm at the same time.
Fiona had provided my daughter with mentoring and coaching services. My daughter has an intellectual disability and ASD. We were extremely pleased with the outcomes of the sessions and believe she learnt valuable skills that have further enhanced her independence. I would have no hesitation recommending Fiona’s services. She has a strong understanding of how to communicate with young people with disabilities and presents information to them in an easily understood format.
We've recently needed support through therapy and coaching for a child in our care who has serious challenges with multiple mental health diagnoses, trauma and disabilities. In a short period of time with Fiona we have seen some breakthrough already. Our child has started to express & understand his thoughts & feelings which is something they haven't been capable of up until now. I find Fiona extremely in tune with not only our child, but us, the carers as well. Don't hesitate to reach out to her for support, understanding & professionalism.
Janelle - Foster Carer
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