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Relax Kids

19 June 2016

Mindfulness and Relaxation Courses



19 June 2016

Social Safety for people with an Intellectual Disability, ASD and Early Childhood Learners


To see a family member anxious, having difficulty in social situations or mis-reading social cues can be challenging, as can receiving a new diagnosis.


Fiona works closely with clients to help them develop positive social skills and interactions through individual and group activies.   

Fiona also work with schools and community groups where appropriate.

Individual & Family Support

A seven-step program designed to reduce anxiety by teaching relaxation techniques that allow children to manage their energy and emotions positively. 

Relax Kids Workshops
Other programs

SoSAFE! is a course that uses visual and conceptual tools to help promote social safety for people with an Intellectual Disability, ASD and is also suitable for Early Childhood Learners. 

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Servicing Goulburn and the Southern Tablelands, New South Wales